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Evals to boost a General Meeting

« Interactivity, surprise, innovation, energy! Our General Meeting has clearly been boosted thanks to the Evals solution. We appreciated the availability and the professionalism of the A2JV team before, during and after our event. Thank you! »
Claire CAMPS, Présidente, MFQM

Evals to conduct an important meeting with the company’s employees

« These regular appointment of our Management are challenges in terms of communication: bring together employees with various functions and business,who do not know each other, to make them share their experience and a common project with their contribution. Skipping the top-down to have a collaborative mode, it is both a dream and a nightmare of the communicators Evals made this challenge possible. We had interactivity, each participant was able to, in real time, answer questions or ask some, give their opinion and change the way of our meeting is conducted by reacting to the live shared results. The bet was won with a bonus: the perception gathering of our guests in live! »
Aude RIMBAUD, Responsable Communication et Coordination, Air France MC-CDG

Evals to make a fun diner with a quiz for 700 guests

« For the MG European Event of the Year 2016 in Le Touquet, during the diner, we proposed a quiz about the history of the MG Brand. We had 700 guest (15 nationalities) divided into 60 tables. Each table participated with Evals. It was in a good mood that participants tried to answer our questions. We had a really good participation rates and many good answers. At the end of the quiz, the 3 winning tables have been rewarded. »
Philippe AUBRY, Président, MG Club de France

Evals for a live public trophy

« In a 100% digital and collabotive spirit, our public was invited to vote for rewarding one of the finalists thanks to Evals a voting solution. At the end of the pitches, guests were able to vote on their smartphone and to see in real time the winner. Our participants and the finalists really enjoyed this approach. »
Les organisatrices, le Prix des Femmes du Digital de l'Ouest, 2015

Live information from multi-site with Evals

« During a 48 hours student competition (The Green Code Lab Challenge), it was possible to instantly have the temperature of the participants in 7 countries and 14 cities with Evals. Really nice and this live information helps us to set things right if it was necessary! »
Samuel TIERCELIN, Co-founder, Open Odyssey

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