Give the floor

to your public in real-time


An interactive and participative solution

Evals® is available on internet on from smartphones, tablets or computers, for both hosts event and respondents.

A customizable solution

How to use a simple app without downloading


With 3 clicks, define questions that you want to ask, your quiz or the list of nominees (if it is a trophy).


In 3 minutes,
poll directly

your public.


In 3 secondes,
get a visual report
and if you want to,

show the results.

Animate and digitize your events

Internal and external events!

Use Evals® for your meeting, quiz, trophy, training, general meeting, seminar, conference…

A simple and intuitive use!

Easily accessible, Evals® does not need any installation or identification.

Digital and dynamic animation!

During your event, surprise your clients, partners, members or prospects!

Make interactive and participatory events