Evals quiz during the MG European Event of the year 2016

An evals quiz® about MG to test participant’s knowledges and make diner warmer !

For this huge annual gathering, 370 MG coming from 15 different countries were reunited at the Touquet Plage Paris from 8th to 12th june 2016.

Many activities were planned to host these 4 days but organizers wanted to divert their guest during their parties at the Palais des Congrés.

A quiz dedicated to MG were played in team on Evals on Friday night to transform the diner into something warmer and test the participant’s knowledge about MG. In this festive atmosphere, 15 questions were answered by participants, they were also punctuated with photos and videos. Winners were elected.

“Each tables participated to the game with Evals application. It was in a great atmosphere that every participants play the game and tried to answer to the questions. We had a very good participation rate and a lot of great answers. The three winning tables won champagne.”

Thanks to the A2JV team who made the quiz and application, and thanks to Sylvain for hosted this night”

Philippe Aubry, President of MG France Club